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Pass First Time With Academy Trainings Tried & Tested Minicab PHV - TfL PCO Licence Training Course - For New Licences & Renewals
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Get help if English is not your first language
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Minicab PHV - TfL PCO Licence Renewal Training Course

Pay Just £225

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Minicab PHV - TfL PCO Licence New Driver Training Course

Pay Just £450

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Elena - 0797 000 7013

Minicab PHV - TfL PCO SERU Driver Training

Pay Just £199

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Safe guard your livelihood - Make sure you keep earning

No driving - no income

If you a professional driver, then to lose your PHV licence even for a short period of time is going to hurt, hit you hard financially

We are all feeling the impact of a constant rise in the cost of living, feeling the pressure of larger bills, increases in food, petrol and energy prices, higher rent or mortgage payments, everything costs more and as a result few of us can afford not to be working, no money coming in even if only for a short period of time is going to hurt and start putting unwelcome stress and pressure on our lives, our families.

More and more drivers are booking their training with us to give them the best possible chance of passing TfL's new tougher test first-time. Drivers worried about the new English Test, worried about the new Safeguarding Test, worried about all the new regulations. They are booking our training to take all that worry away, knowing they are getting the best training possible to prepare properly for their test.

You don't have to leave your livelihood to chance.

Our training will help you pass First-Time so you can keep driving, keep earning.

TfL's New Safety, equality and regulatory test

What you need to know

TfL have got a whole lot more serious about who is allowed to hold a PHV licence and drive for a living.

On October 2021 TfL introduced the requirement for applicants to get a London private hire vehicle (PHV) driver's licence to demonstrate an understanding of safety, equality and regulatory matters. These new rules apply to both new applicants and those applying to renew their licence.

What is being tested

  •  English language Listening and Speaking

  •  Safeguarding Awareness Course Preparation

  •  SERU (Safety, Equality,and Regulatory Understanding

  •  Topographical Test Training (New Drivers)

  •  Drivers' obligations under the PHV (London) Act 1998 including the associated regulations and relevant obligations including under the Equality Act 2010

  •  Policies and guidance issued by Transport for London (TfL) or other persons which are relevant to London PHV drivers

  •  The particular needs of passengers that arise because a passenger has (or may have) a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010

  •  Protecting children and adults at risk from harm and abuse

  •  Passenger and driver safety

  •  Road and vehicle safety

Take our training and you will be properly prepared for your TfL Licence test.

Remove the worry of the Test & Pass First-Time

What You Get - The course covers all of the following:

  • English language Listening and speaking assessment training and test preparation
  • Safeguarding Awareness Course Preparation
  • SERU (Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding) assessment course training
  • Topographical Test Training (New Drivers)
  • Special Attention & Help if English is not your first language

In addition you also get the following included FREE on your course with us:

  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Safely Transport Passengers
  • Professional Customer Service Training
  • Maintain the Safety of the Licensed Vehicle
  • Mobility and Wheelchair Assitance Training
  • Planning Routes and Fares
  • Transport Luggage and Parcels Training
  • The Licensing Regulations Training
  • PLUS...

    If you would like us to we can book all test appointments and help you complete all your licence application forms completed correctly for you as part of your course. (TfL booking fees apply and are charged independent of and separate to our training course)

    In short what we are offering is everything you will need to pass your test.

    Take advantage the speical offer of £250 off the normal price if you book a renewal or new driver training course with us.

    So book early to benefit from this cost saving before this offer it is gone!

    " This is the only FULL VALUE TfL driver licence training course delivered by professionals who will get you as perpared as possible to get through your licence application"

To Book Your Training Call:

Nadeem - 0790 881 0440 or Elena - 0797 000 7013

Disclaimer Notice

"Academy bears no responsibility or liablility for any failed tests following participation in our training course. All customers accept that success or failure to past or secure a TfL PHV drivers licence is their sole responsibility"