About Academy Training Group

Established in 2007 Academy Training was set up by a like minded group of training professionals who wanted to set new standards in the industry. All the founder members of Academy had extensive experience in training, but as important great experience in a variety of other industries. This allowed the company to look open minded at how training was and is being delivered by other organisations and evaluate what works, what doesn't and what needed to be improved. Backed by significant investment the company has sought to look to be innovate and creative in bringing the latest technologies and best practice to Adult Skills Training.

This top to bottom look at training has not been easy and our teams of assessors, IV's and support staff will testify to some pain and frustrations in working towards our goals of providing the best service possible to our funding partners by delivering outstanding performance and exceptional standards of assessment. But also our service goes beyond satisfying our funding partners, as important as this is. We also wanted to radically improve for the better the experience for learners and employers. All this has been achieved with the support of our awarding body CSkills who have been supportive and very impressed by the way we work.

We honestly believe we have set new standards in the industry but don't take our word for it, we are more than happy for you to speak to our Funding Partners, Employers, Learners or our Awarding Body to hear it first hand, we are confident you will be impressed with what you hear.

Our Team