Our processes and systems have been developed to ensure a high quality delivery time after time after time.
93% Timely Achievemnt Rates across over 1,000 learners in 2014 alone. Academy continues to build and deliver higher and higher performance standards across its NVQ service to clients. Find out more click here...
Learner Bank
We often hear of organisations finding it difficult to find the learners they need, quickly, this is not the case with Academy, we have a large learner bank looking to get qualified. Getting the learners you need will not be a problem even at short notice if you work with Academy Click here ...
Expess Achievement Sevice
Registration to Achievemnt in 3 months or less. We have helped many organisations that need to use up funding quickly - click here to find out more ...

We have a number of clients who we work with regularly in 2018 we delivered over 600 learners with a timely completion of 97%, this is what they had to say. Click here..

Skillmatch Resources are a organisation who have employee training as a priority. We have helped qualify over 200 of thier workers across many construction disaplines. Here what they have to say about us...

Clearly we work closley with our awarding body to ensure a high quality delivery and a process of ongoing improvements to our service delivery. Here what they have to say about us...

Welcome to our website

Academy Training Group is an innovative training provider delivering NVQ qualifications to the construction industry. Established in 2007 we have delivered over 10,000 NVQ qualifications to date.

We all know the landscape for delivering NVQ qualifications to the over 24's has changed dramatically, from finding learners to Achievement it is harder, as training providers we all have to do more, work harder.

How could we help our funding partners, employers and learners, to make things better for them. We accepted the industry needed to change, standards needed to be raised. If you want to be a market leader as we do, you have to break new ground, set the bar higher. So through consultation and a top to bottom review of our NVQ delivery we changed the way we worked.

We invested heavily and spent hundreds of hours working with developers, software houses, assessors, IV, EV's and our awarding body amongst others and succeeded in developing, testing and bring to the market a range of patented software products and process that have significantly helped our Funding Partners, the employers we work with and our learners.

Our funding partners benefit from:-

We are more than happy to share these benefits with you.

Complimentary Services We Provide

By using our excellent relationships with employers across the UK we are delighted to announce that we can now deliver apprenticeships as part of the growing list of services on offer to employers and learners.

With our ongoing commitment to offer flexible and responsive training to employers and learners we now run technical certificate courses. This is run as a stand alone course or as part of a full apprenticeship.

Manual handling tasks occur wherever people are at work. Any time we use our bodies to move an object we are manual handling, whether we are in an office, a factory, a warehouse, a shop or any other working environment.

We run a rrnage of Health & Safety courses as part of our extended services to clients from Working at Height to Manual Handling just give us a call or email us at enquiries@academygroupuk.com for more information